Fun Online Chess Classes!

Starts October 24th!

  • Class Every Monday (60 minutes) - Taught by John Louzonis. Mondays 11:00am EST. Online classes are conveniently held on Zoom! #nodriving
  • ​Lesson Recordings - Miss a class? No big deal - you can watch it later! And then over and over again! 
  • ​Contests - Who played the most games this week? Who solved the most puzzles? Who improved the most? These competitions will encourage and inspire the kids! 
  • ​Tournaments - The students will play against each other and sharpen each other's game!
  • ​Supportive Community - Members meet other kids who are also excited about chess and make new friends! (or they are welcome to just lurk!)
  • ​Learn Sportsmanship - Students learn to respect their opponents and lose gracefully. No immature behavior is ever  tolerated. 
  • ​Special Group - Exclusive for members of this club only!


When is the class? How long are they?

The class is on Mondays at 11:00 am EST. Each class is an hour, but we always start early and go over time!

How long is the semester?

This semester will be 10 classes, from 10/24/22 to 12/26/22.

What if I can't make it to a LIVE class? 

No problem, each lesson will be recorded so that your kid can learn anything they missed or review what was covered in class.

What ages is this class for? Is it OK if they are complete beginners?

There is no age requirement. Even if they have NEVER played before, they will learn how pieces move, the rules of the game, tactics and strategies VERY, VERY fast.

How many spots are there?

Only 20 spots are available so that each student gets individual attention developing an opening repertoire and analysis of their games.

What do my kids need?

Nothing! If you want to participate in the tournaments, all you need is a FREE account! 

How much does it cost?

The price is $97 for the semester (10 classes for only $10 each!). If you have multiple children you want to enroll, the price is $177 for the whole family (up to 3 kids).

Any other questions? Email!

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  • Hosted on Zoom
  • 60+ minute Sessions 
  • LIVE and also RECORDED!
"John has taught my son chess for several months. I am amazed at how quickly he picked up openings and endgames, and how he has fallen in love with the game. 

He gets homework every week and John sends me a rundown of every lesson, what my son learned, and what he should continue working on. I highly recommend John as a chess instructor." - Deanna Barlow

My Chess Background

I'm a 19-year-old homeschooler living in Naples, Florida. I've played chess for over 10 years and studied under National Master Robert Guevara, Grandmaster Maxim Dlugy, and Grandmaster Gennady Sagalchik. I have played in nearly 50 tournaments!
YouTube videos of me playing chess have been viewed MILLIONS of times!

 Even when I'm far away at chess tournaments in Tennessee, New Jersey, or Philadelphia... and random people keep recognizing me!
That's my current rating at blitz chess - 1921!
In 2016, I WON my division at the super-competitive, Greater New York Scholastics in Brooklyn. In 2020, I believe there were 2,000 competitors across all divisions. I can definitely prep your kids for tournaments!
The very first tournament I played in....I didn't win a game.

BUT in my third tournament....I didn't lose a game!
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