Launch Your Homeschool!

I get on a plane, fly out to you, and spend 5 full days setting your homeschool up.

Hit the Ground Running
The hardest part of any new simply getting started. It's taking the plunge. It's overcoming the most immediate obstacles. And these can be different for each family and each child.

I will come out, walk you through step-by-step, and take complete care of: 
  • ​Overall educational design
  • ​Hiring the best available instructors
  • ​Finding and joining local groups
  • ​Ordering top-notch books, curricula, and resources
  • ​Household organization and scheduling
  • ​Spousal persuasion(!)
  • ​Incorporating somewhat not-traditional subjects
  • ​Anything and everything you need!
"This is the best thing ever"
"I have seen so much progress from the kids in 2 weeks since Dan came out to Phoenix, it is crazy. Yesterday, despite having Mandarin, math , finance, and sports they each finished a 150+ page book. The kids are excited to show us what they are learning and we come home and spend time together because there is no homework. This is the best thing ever. 2 of our friends have already set formal meetings with us to see how they can do the same for their children."  - Ryan Stark, Oranje
What to Expect...
I get started with deep research and long-range reconnaissance the second you hire me. By the time I show up I have already vetted teachers and sketched out a comprehensive plan of attack. I work not only with you, but also directly with your children each day.  

And my work doesn't end after I leave. I'm ALWAYS available - though it won't be long before you are totally self-propelled. This is the whole point of the JUMP START and the profound benefit of leveraging my full arsenal of experience. You want cut through the fog and avoid the hidden pitfalls BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE TIME and BECAUSE YOU VALUE A COMPETITIVE EDGE.
Invest in Your Kids EARLY
Most parents invest at the end of childhood - high school and college. Guess what. At that point it's far too late! If you have 2.5 kids you are already on the hook for $500,000 in college tuition down the $250 textbooks, plus maybe private school expenses! I say invest NOW, the best and ONLY opportunity you'll have to significantly alter their lives' trajectories. 
"Well, it is too late for us!"

"I wish I could travel back 10 years and have met you earlier so I that I could have had a plan to home school....You made the best decision for your children's lives to home school them. The whole education system is crap even in private school....Well, it is too late for us."  - Judy, Queens, NY - mother of a couple of my accelerated math students

***I must add that she's thoroughly dissatisfied with the educational path she chose EVEN THOUGH her eldest just scored 1510 on the SAT!
Stop Procrastinating! Your Intuition is Correct! School is Antiquated, Actually Riskier, and Won't Unlock Your Kids' Full Potential !!!
The cost of this premium, done-for-you service is $10,000 US dollars.    For more information about how to hire me, click the button below.